Hopeless Land Mod Apk Download On Android – Latest Version [Guide]


Hopeless Land Mod Apk Download On Android - Latest Version [Guide]
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GamingWorldLinks: With the increase in PUBG and Free fire players, the demand for battle royal games has increased, and HK HERO Ent. has put its best foot forward in the same segment by introducing Hopeless Land Mod Apk. With 120 players jumping out of the parachute on an island loaded with weapons, the last man standing wins the game.

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Download Hopeless Land Mod Apk On Android – Latest Version [Guide]

Hopeless Land Mod Apk Download

Name Hopeless Land Mod Apk
GenreSimulation, Open World
Latest Versionv1.09
Size12M + 340 MB
MOD Features: Highly Compressed Version
PlatformsAndroid 4.0.3+, iOS 7

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival is a battle royal that is obviously motivated by PUBG and the game allows up to 120 players to hop with a parachute over an island that is loaded with weapons. The lone survivor (or the last four assuming you play by groups) can declare himself triumphant on the island.


Please note that we provide original and pure game files and provide a faster download speed than Other Websites. All the mod/apk files provided are only for education & development purposes. For More, Please refer to our Disclaimer.

Wiki Gameplay Review: Hopeless Land Mod Apk

Hopeless Land Mod Apk

Gameplay is very much comparable with another fight illustrious game, you start from what is by all accounts a remote location, close by your teammate(s), depending on the event that you playing solo, couple, or crew match and there is additionally another mode opened subsequent to finishing the specific job and it is non-other than Asian server. The game starts the same way, all of you hop and parachute from a plane, where you are made to search for weapons, explosives, and what have you.

Different weapons are accessible for you to get and the same thought with other fight imperial exist here, you can get Pistols or Grenades close by explosives and smoke bombs. Also, different vehicles can be utilized while playing the game, including however not restricted to tank, yes you read it right, tanks, the choice to drive a tank is accessible including different vehicles.

Fierce Battle 8 versus 8

You play close to the other 8 gamers and the group with the most noteworthy focuses dominates the game, the principles are shown and the point you get for finishing a few jobs is displayed to you. The portable touch design is certainly interesting to play however it’s amusing to play with your companions on couple mode. No significant bugs aside from the game change language consequently to Chinese and whatever for not a really obvious explanation, likewise not certain where to change the language to English. It’s cool for a free game.

By and by better than free fire in the staff’s opinion,it has an incredible arrangement and the illustrations are flexible. We truly didn’t allow it an opportunity because of system requirements. However, this game is fun as hell as it has extraordinary camera stills, great controls, and a magnificent experience of gaming. This game should be given an opportunity, It needs more acknowledgment than it presently has.

More on Hopeless Land Mod Apk: Tips and Tricks Guide

Always keep a vehicle:

Consider keeping a vehicle close to you during a battle. The justification for that is now and then your rivals will attempt to run, and on the off chance that you have a vehicle close to you, you can pursue him and kill him. The second motivation to keep a vehicle close to you is that you are attempting to destroy a rival vehicle during span camp. The odds are good that you should reload your firearm before you can damage the vehicle. Presently, during that reloading time, the opponent can run you over with his vehicle, in this way, assuming you have a vehicle close to you and your firearm is on reloading, you can sit back in and keep away from every terrible situation. This move will permit you to reload your weapon, and afterward, you can kill the foe or pursue him.


Pretty much every master player utilizes an outfit that can give cover in the last zone. For instance, you go to the drop to get the Ghillie suit however what you cannot deny is that your personality can likewise have a couple of outfits that can give disguise in various situations.

Last Zone:

The last zone is the most extraordinary zone in the zones as a whole. Put yourself in a situation, there are as yet at least ten rivals alive in the last zone, and the region doesn’t have any cover. At that point, you can involve your vehicle as a cover assuming you have a vehicle. Along these lines, utilize the vehicle to move around the game map and furthermore use it in the last zone. You should track down a vehicle before the last zone to make a cover from it if necessary.

Find a better Location:

In this game, you will observe an alternate house wherein you can go to the rooftop by utilizing steps, yet there are additionally a few houses that don’t have any steps. However, you can in any case go on their rooftop. For instance, you are on the rooftop of a house. You will see an entryway and a shade upon it. Attempt to hop and get on to the shade and afterward to the rooftop. The trick is basic once you get its hang. Utilizing this stunt will assist you with getting at a higher place where the rival will not anticipate you by any stretch of the imagination, and you will actually want to kill them, or you can track down the opponent’s area from the rooftop.

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Download Hopeless Land Mod Apk (Android)


Please note that we provide original and pure game files and provide a faster download speed than Other Websites. All the mod/apk files provided are only for education & development purposes. For More, Please refer to our Disclaimer.

Ending Note on Hopeless Land: For Survival

Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival is a magnificent action game that delivers many game modes, incredible visuals, a lot of setting choices, and a variety of armouries. An incredible option within the battle royal genre that is turning out to be increasingly interesting.

Stay tuned for more amazing games!

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