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Download CUPHEAD APK for android for FREE

GamingWorldLinks: Cuphead Apk Download Guide. If you are a great fan of animation games, this is the first game you need to put on your list to play. The best-animated video game and has the best visuals. Go ahead read the article and know more about the game and give it a try and it is an obvious fact that you would love it even if you play the game once. So, why wait? Go ahead and give it a try.

CUPHEAD APK: Wiki & More

Cuphead is a 2017 video game with a genre of run & gun, developed and also published by the Studio MDHR. Cuphead featured 1 or 2 players who take control of the animated characters, the Cuphead and Mugman (Cuphead’s brother) to fight via several levels, which culminates in the boss’s fight, for repaying their debt to the devil. The game is known for the challenging difficulty that it contains and also for the art style of the game. It was a great commercial success and won several awards, and sold out around 6 m copies within 3 yrs.


Cuphead gameplay is centralized around continuous boss fights with the run and gun concept. The final level includes a mausoleum wherein the player will have to ward off ghosts before touching the urn which would reward them with the super move that would help in completing the challenge. Each of the boss fights is housed in 4 different worlds.

The 4th and the final world would contain the final fight against the devil himself. Every boss fight would include difficulty modes such as simple (for beginners), normal, and the expert mode. On the normal mode, defeating each Boss is required for completing the game. While the expert mode gets unlocked on completion. Though, most of the boss battles happen on land, while several bosses are instead fought in the airplanes. Cuphead also includes in it the element of role-playing and branching of level sequence.

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